Beastly sculptures made from recycled rice

The Wara Art competition in Japan is happening since 2008 once Niigata’s farming community contacted the native Musashino Art University to induce some artistic direction on turning their excess straw into works of art. Since then, art students from university comes back to style and build new incredible beasts each year in Uwasekigata Park, where the festival takes place.pan means that it’s time for the annual rice harvest. Every year, farmers make sure that the leftover rice-straw, referred to as “

This event happens when there is time for the annual rice harvest and the sculptures are created from rise-traws. Every year, farmers make sure that the leftover rice-straw, referred to as “wara,” doesn’t move to waste. The wara is recycled by victimization it to to feed stock, improve soil, and within the coastal region of Niigata Prefecture, it’s even accustomed build large, beastly sculptures for the Wara Art competition, control at Uwasekigata Park.

We’ve featured superb straw sculptures from past ceremonies, and this year’s Wara Art Festival—which marks its tenth anniversary—does not baffle. The festival’s organizers area unit celebrating the occasion by creating the already Brobdingnagian sculptures double as big! The sculptures area unit thus immense they have special wood frames for larger stability. styles embrace fierce lions, mammoth gorillas, monumental crocodiles, and hefty rhinoceroses. Since the first years of the festival it improoves better each year, and who know what next year will bring?

Take a look at these gorgeous sculptures. Image credits on Twitter for: Amymauscd

Example of how it looks before:



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