Food stylist from Japan creates adorable toast Art

Japanese food creator Eiko Mori uses toast as her canvas. Anyone can agree that breakfast is that the most important dish of the day, but not served like a piece of art, which might be even too good to be eaten.

Eiko has begun creating toast art simply earlier this year, and has since fallen in with toast creations and did a lot experimenting to create such results. Using a pick, a spoon, and a miniature piping bag made of parchment paper as her tools, she creates charming mottled motifs on shoku-pan, a Japanese-style milk bread. Her mottled styles embody fruit, sushi, and even lawn tennis rackets made of Japanese ingredients like black Sesamum indicum and mango paste. The colorful components pop against a selection of do-it-yourself cream.

Every toast creation is unique and different, created with different materials and some were created by putting individual Sesamum indicum seeds one at a time with a try of tweezers. It’s honorable mention that because of this she became a real star on Instagram reaching for more than 19 000 followers and counting who fell in love with these morning toasters.

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