Photographer captures crashing waves as mountains

Canada-based artist David Sandford has been creating footage for quite eighteen years. Throughout that point, he has principally been able to pay his bills by shooting sports. However, his true passion lies in creating images concerning something to try to with water. Sandford explains what attracts him to water: “Oceans and lakes beckon Maine. Since I used to be a child, I’ve favorite to get on, in or around water. I’m fascinated by the sheer raw power and force of it, captivated by the swish movement of a wave and hypnotized by light-weight terpsichore across it.”

With this passion for water in mind, Sandford comes into being at the tip of Nov to document the violently blooming waves on Erie. He keeps a watch out for the weather that move to make the unimaginable wave formations he captures. Those weather typically coincide with sixty-five mph winds that send the water of Erie twenty-five to thirty-five feet into the air. And that’s once Sandford heads to the shores of Erie together with his 400mm and 70-200mm lenses, typically shooting for 6 hours at a time in the air as cold as -2 to fourteen degrees astronomer. His dedication and keenness have paid off with unimaginable, surreal pictures of the churning waters that Sandford calls “liquid mountains.”


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